Stig Aga Aandstad


About Stig...  

Stig Aga Aandstad is currently working as senior advisor in IT policy and strategy in a Norwegian Ministry, trying to build up policies to support more resource efficient and climate friendly business models using ICT.

He has previously worked as a policy developer for the European Commission, working on Digital Agenda, the i2010 and Lisbon Strategies, the precursors to the Digital Agenda for Europe. Before that he worked on similar issues as an advisor in the IT Policy section of the Norwegian Ministry of Trade and Industry.

His pre-policy background comes from private sector as well as research: Aandstad has both been co-founder of companies working with innovation and start-ups, and worked for major established corporations in setting up new Internet-based businesses.

He has also worked as a researcher for the International Peace Research Institute in Oslo, and holds a cand.philol (M.Phil) degree in international history.

-- I used to hold public presentations across Europe on various aspects of the digital future, and especially business, society and policy -- but currently my priorities are more homely.